The Rumpel & Partners offers a wide range of legal services. Our Legal Advisors and Patent Agents represent Clients in legal proceedings concerning economic, civil and family issues. We also represent Clients before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the European Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and other supervisory and monitoring institutions. We draft agreements and also issue legal opinions on civil, taxation, trade and labour, and competition law. Our Clients can rest assured of top quality services in intellectual property rights, and assistance in all types of negotiations. We work with numerous law firms based in the European Union, Ukraine, Russia, the USA and China.

Each and every Client is of the utmost importance to us! That is why we give enterprises and private individuals our full attention and commitment. We have offices at 49a Ogrodowa Street, Warsaw, and 29 Śmigłego-Rydza Street, Łódź.

The Rumpel & Partners is not just fully flexible and accessible; we are also highly professional and take particular care to safeguard the interests of our Clients. The firm dates back to 1990 when Patent Agent Jadwiga Federowicz co-established the first private patent office in Łódź. We have expanded our operations over time and have been providing all the services of a law and patent office since 2006. Our Warsaw and Łódź offices are at the disposal of our Clients. The growing repute of our services and our increasing client base have necessitated the recruitment of more staff. As a result, we now work as a perfectly organised team.

Our fees are calculated as a fixed amount or hourly rate, depending on the needs and capabilities of the Client. We accept all forms of payment, including debit cards and credit cards.


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